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The club

The TSV (club of gymnastics and sports) Büttel-Neuenlande was founded in 1862 by citizens of the villages Büttel and Neuenlande. These two villages belong to the Community of Loxstedt in the rural district of Cuxhaven. They are situated about 10 miles southwest of Bremerhaven, a seaport at the North Sea. The gym with the sports field is to be found at the street between Büttel and Neuenlande.

The division of table-tennis

Table-tennis has a long tradition in TSV Büttel-Neuenlande, though it took three starts, till a continuous service of playing devellopped. In 1949 on February 5th the division was founded. Until 1951 there was regular training in the assembly-room of a restaurant - partially more than allowed. Then the activities dropped asleep.

First in 1966 the division started work again. And in 1968 the new men's team started their point matches in the Tabletennis Rural District League Wesermünde, unfortunately without any great success. And obviously the help of players from the neighbour club TSV Langendammsmoor couldn't change this dilemma. On March 10th 1972 the table-tennis maintenance of that time declared that the division had to leave unfinished.

Then for a long time there were no further activities. First until 1982 tabletennis took a new part in the club. Reason was the building of a gym, filled quickly with life during the days of training. In 1985 the TSV Büttel-Neuenlande became member of the Rural District League Cuxhaven and announced moreover a boys' team in the 2nd Rural League South.

Today there are 31 players in five teams:

Women 0
Men 16
Girls 18 1
Boys 18 8
Girls 15 0
Boys 15 2
Girls 13 2
Boys 13 3
Girls 11 0
Boys 11 0


Division head:
Jens Behrmann
27612 Dedesdorf

Stefan Jacob
27612 Büttel

Responsible for the youth:
Simon Uetrecht
Bütteler Straße 30
27612 Dedesdorf

Public Relations:
Christoph Bohn
Bahnhoftraße 58
27612 Loxstedt

during training at the gym
++49 4740 1260